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About Us

Ms Bee

In the heart of Brookland Park is where you will find this juicing gem!
Meet the owner of Ms. Bee’s Juice Bar; Mrs. Brandi Battle-Brown. A down-to-earth
entrepreneur who owns a newly opened juice bar in the heart of Brookland Park located in the northside area of Richmond, VA. Brandi started juicing in the summer of 2018 after competing in a fitness contest and immediately fell in love with the results. Smaller waist, silky hair and clearer skin were the tell-all signs of a changed lifestyle that Brandi adopted due to juicing. The environmental sickness, flu symptoms, restlessness, moodiness, sinuses and allergies were gone and were replaced with a healthier mindset adding a constant natural boost in stamina and endurance.

After falling in love with the alternative yet healthier juicing lifestyle, Brandi shared her juicing habits with others and had her first pop up in the winter of 2018. The feedbacks were incredible to which led Brandi to establish Ms. Bee’s Juice Bar. The aspiration for Ms. Bee’s Juice Bar is to be the pillar in the Brookland Park Community. Brandi’s vision is to connect with the youth, in the area and surrounding communities, to inspire them to adopt a healthier juicing lifestyle.

Ms. Bee’s Juice Bar comes equipped with flavorful beverages that includes the world’s healthiest foods and herbs like: soursop, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric. In addition to her powerful juices, Mrs. Bee’s Juice Bar includes tasty vegan food options on the menu. Born, raised and currently in Richmond, VA, whenever Brandi is not squeezing oranges, she enjoys helping individuals find their dream home through her real estate company; Samson Properties, spending time with her husband and children, attending Women Forums and catching a few z’s over a good inspirational book by her favorite author, Sarah Jake Roberts. For more information about Ms. Bee’s Juice Bar, email: contact@msbeesjuicebar.com.